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Miami AHA (American Heart Association) AHA CPR Certifications and AED, BLS, PALS, ACLS and Bloodborne Pathogens Training Courses taught by www.cprflorida.net instructors.

Learn CPR, PALS, ACLS, First Aid, AED and Bloodborne Pathogens today.

CPR Classes should be compulsory for every parent as well as those working with children and young people. In fact they really should teach cardiac pulmonary resuscitation and other first aid skills at school so that everyone has access to learning this potentially lifesaving skill. The Red Cross or the American Heart Association can often help schools and colleges run these programs. Why not learn child/infant CPR today? It is bad enough to witness a fatality but imagine if you found out later that the person, your child perhaps or another loved one, could have lived if you or someone else at the scene had performed pediatric CPR. When you do take the class, the first thing you will be taught is to remember your role is only to try to keep someone alive until the emergency services arrive. You are not going to learn how to be a replacement for a doctor or other forms of medical attention. It is vital that you or someone else call 911. As you will learn, administering CPR can save someone�s life in the short term but they will also require urgent medical attention to keep them alive. The main thing is to remember to call 911 and start at least compressions doing them hard and fast. If you have been trained, do 30 compressions and 2 breaths until aed is ready or advanced help arrives.

American Heart Association (AHA), Red Cross and ASHI CPR First Aid Certification Training Classes (First time, renewals or recertifications)
Intended Audience:

For counselors, teachers, coaches, personal trainers, therapists, p.t's, home healthcare, cna's, nurses, athletic trainers, child care workers, babysitters, nannies, construction workers, emt's, nurses, new parents & others who want to learn cpr, choking and first aid.

Other Prices for classes: ACLS Renewal $150. ACLS First Time or Expired $200. PALS Renewal $200. PALS First time $215.

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